Epitalon: A Nootropic Supplement with Unique Properties

Epitalon, also known as Epithalon, Epithalamin, Epithalone, and Epithalaminum, is a synthetic peptide that has been studied for its potential nootropic properties. It is a tetrapeptide, meaning it is composed of four amino acids, and is believed to be involved in the regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-pineal axis. It is thought to be able to influence the production of melatonin, a hormone that is involved in the regulation of sleep and wake cycles.

Positive Effects

  • May improve sleep quality
  • May reduce stress and anxiety
  • May improve cognitive performance
  • May reduce inflammation
  • May improve mood

Possible Negative Effects

  • May cause headaches
  • May cause nausea
  • May cause dizziness
  • May cause insomnia
  • May cause fatigue

Dosage Information

The recommended dosage of Epitalon is 10-20mg per day, taken in divided doses. It is important to note that the safety of long-term use of Epitalon has not been established, and it is not recommended for use for more than three months at a time.


Epitalon was first synthesized in the 1980s by Russian scientist Professor Vladimir Khavinson. He was researching the effects of peptides on aging and discovered that Epitalon had the potential to extend the lifespan of laboratory animals. Since then, it has been studied for its potential nootropic properties, and is now available as a dietary supplement.

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